About PetSafe

At PetSafe® we love and are as committed to our pets as you are. 

We’ve dedicated ourselves to building a brand and products that give you more of the best moments you can possible have with your pets. This commitment is shown in everything we do. We’ve been making innovative pet behavior and lifestyle product solutions since 1991, many of which are designed to address the 2nd most common reason pets are surrendered to shelters - behavior.  

Why we love dog parks:

We’re headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee where many years ago we took 1.5 acres of land near our office and made it into a public dog park.  We were amazed at a wonderful impact this made in our community and we knew every community in America needed at least 1 park for their pets. We started Bark For Your Park in 2011 to give cities the opportunity to provide their dogs with room to run, explore and play.

We’ve seen dog parks increase pet adoptions and reduce the number of behavior related surrenders. We’ve watched our own and other cities become more responsible and friendly when it comes to their pets. Dog parks can increase tourism when travelers have a place they can take a break and exercise their dogs. Plus, dog lovers and professionals come together to share information and new relationships are formed every time you step into a dog park. We love these benefits and we know your community will too! 

Where We Came From:

In 1991, Radio Systems Corporation (PetSafe’s parent company) sold 3,000 units of the first do-it-yourself containment system in the first 30 days and a million dollars of product in the first six months. Over the last 21 years, we have expanded from a handful of associates with one product to hundreds of associates working on dozens of different innovative product solutions. 

How We Work: 

From the beginning, our founder and CEO Randy Boyd infused the company with his spirit of collaboration and innovation. Setting the tone with a casual work environment and no private offices, PetSafe is a relaxed, relationship-driven workplace where we bring our pets to work every day. Bringing our dogs to work inspires what we do and drives our product development. We end every day “dog tired” from logging extra hours to ensure pets everywhere are happy and safe, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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